A Week for (the) Books

Inasmuch as Chinquapin’s faculty could organize it, the first day of the 2020-21 school year followed tradition…with a few, ahem, modern twists. The start of school began online. Rather than gathering on campus at the bell to mark the beginning, students huddled in front of their respective laptops to hear words of wisdom from Dr. Scrutchin, whose smile and upbeat message was just the boost our community needed: “The focus of the year will be character, connection, community, communication, and collaboration. All members of the community will strive to make Chinquapin a place that believes in defining who we are and what we do, by creating an inclusive, anti-racist community, and educating one another to be unified, accepting, and empathetic while honoring diversity and inclusivity.

The week ended with SLC-led lively trivia games for the high school and middle school. Congratulations to 6th graders and 12th graders for taking the top spots in each competition!

Over the summer, faculty worked together to create a challenging, engaging, and welcoming learning environment for each of our 161 6th-12th graders. They are happy to be a part of this supportive community with students who are eager to learn and who know they are valued. They’re sharing best practices for online teaching tools and their funny Week One stories. These are important reminders that they’re not going at this alone, that – even in this virtual reality – we are a community of committed individuals focused on providing a college prep education to the next generation of leaders. Go, Burrs!


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