An Ode to Wifi

By Norma Rivera

While Hurricane Nicholas spared most of us catastrophic damage, the winds produced by the storm took out wi-fi for many in our community. Chinquapin 7th grader, Norma Rivera, gained a new appreciation for this technology – or lack of it – and penned this poem:

I never thought to be more grateful for you

Before the storm

You were just an insignificant thing

That made my devices work

But when I saw the weather

And when the storm was coming

I feared that you would 

Go away

But you didn’t

You were persistent 

And as the storm got

Worse and worse

I knew I wouldn’t take you for granted


You have supported me

With doing my school work

Being virtual is hard but you made

It easier 

Oh wifi

How I have not valued you

When I watch something on my phone

Or just do some homework

I have never thought of you

Until now

You are the one 

That has helped me succeed 

In school

Thank you for not 

Letting me down during

The storm 

And for letting me turn

In my work on time

Now I acknowledge you



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