Challenges: COVID-19

In early March, as Spring Break began, Chinquapin sent a letter to families outlining CDC recommendations about proper hand washing and travel precautions due to the Coronavirus outbreak. After news broke that both SXSW and the Houston Rodeo would close, it was decided that Chinquapin would follow suit. Faculty and staff collaboratively prepared distance learning plans and students returned to a virtual campus March 18.

Distance learning at Chinquapin gives students and teachers a chance each day to see each other and interrupts the loss of learning that would have occurred with time away from the classroom. Students log into virtual classrooms for each class period and schedule conferences with teachers for one-on-one time. Chinquapin’s distance learning plan means parents do not have to scramble and homeschool their children. Teachers understand the importance of student accountability and the thought of not teaching their classes just wasn’t an option. We expect students to become lifelong learners who research and dive into passions. Education is what we do, and our students are the reason we wholeheartedly strive toward our mission.

As a community, it’s incredibly important that we stick together and create reasonable expectations for the students during this chaotic time. We will not lower our expectations, but we will make room for guidance and growth with the understanding that many people are having a tough time socially and emotionally. COVID-19 has forced us to reinvent ourselves as learners. As we ask our students and families to join us during these uncertain times, we must rise to the challenge and make way for going above and beyond for the community we serve.


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