Creativity Week 2021

Chinquapin faculty and students took Creativity Week 2021 to Level 11! And this was a must, given that ALL activities for the week preceding spring break were virtual. Thanks for that, COVID!

Per usual, the Chinquapin community met the challenge head-on to ensure every participant was equipped with the materials needed to tackle their classes (even driving around the city for deliveries!) and get the most out of the week. From The Rube Goldbergs, where they created a complicated machine for a simple task; Micro-Finance Loan Project, to understand how this financing works works and selecting a project to invest in collectively; Fantasy Road Trip, shedding COVID’s restrictions and dreaming about the ultimate road trip, developing a route, picking destinations to visit and adventures to complete along the way; Personal Portrait Photography, allowing the freedom of self-expression through a camera’s lens; to the meditative exercise of Origami and the mind-bending efforts put into PuzzleMania, this week was one Chinquapin students and faculty spent collaborating and connecting with each other, reminding all of us how important our community is and just what we can accomplish when we work together. 

Check out Chinquapin sophomore, Ximena Rodriguez’s Rube Goldberg machine!


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