A boarding school for low-income students

Chinquapin is the only low-income boarding school in Texas, and one of only a handful  in the nation. Why board? It was our founder’s belief that removing students from the daily distractions of their home environments was critical to their success. While many of our students come from stable homes with present parents, many do not. One current student goes home to a shelter each weekend, while another has no running water at home. A third is fearful for his siblings among the alcoholic rages of various family members. Chinquapin is often the only place where some have a bed of their own and the guarantee of three meals a day.

From its inception, Chinquapin has provided weeknight boarding for boys in grades 7-12. Since becoming coed in 1978, we have bussed girls to and from the campus each day, while their male classmates have been able to avail themselves of proctored study halls, teachers in close proximity, and a precious extra hour of sleep every night.

And good news: We’re proud that January 11 marked the official opening of our long overdue girls dormitory. Starting now, Chinquapin’s female population has the same opportunities for sheltered learning and growth.

Our new girls boarding hall provides:

  • 20 double occupancy dormitory rooms
  • 2 communal bathrooms
  • Two combination washer/dryer machines
  • Open lounge and study areas
  • Key card security

We hope you’ll come tour our campus to see our new classroom, boarding, and dining upgrades for yourself. Please contact us to schedule a tour!

Laura Henry

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