Opening Bell

We started this school year a full week later than normal in order to welcome our 153 students with a freshly remodeled gym! Gifts from the Herzstein and Brown Foundations made this renovation possible. The McNair Foundation also helped with providing the funds for a new court floor.

Highlights of the remodel include expanded and updated bathrooms, new lighting, paint and flooring in the classrooms, and a larger weight room. The students love the “new” gym and are working hard at chores to take care of it. In true Chinquapin fashion, the students and staff spent a day prior to the start of school to move the furniture back, replace the white boards and get it ready for our first day.

If you haven’t been to campus in awhile, this is a great time of year to do it. Perhaps you’ll see our freshmen practicing their debate skills, or our eighth graders learning how to do a literary research paper. You may even get to witness a college acceptance; four of our 22 seniors have already heard back from schools with a resounding “yes!” The rest are busily writing their college essays while their teachers try to capture just how amazing each one is in their recommendation letters. Christie Cardon, a board member who recently volunteered to substitute teach, said of her experience, “No one could come away from that class feeling anything but energized and optimistic about the opportunities that the school is offering the kids and the quality of student we are turning out. I saw creativity and critical thinking in spades. It was great, and I want to do this again.”  

Any day is a good day to visit the school.  Please call the office at 281-426-5551 to arrange a time that works for you.  



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