Posse Scholars

Since the Posse organization started in Houston in 2013,  fourteen Chinquapin students have been named as Posse Scholars. Posse identifies students with both academic and leadership potential and partners with a number of highly regarded colleges and universities around the nation to provide these students with a four year, full tuition scholarship. Students are placed in groups of 10 – their Posse – to provide support and encouragement throughout their college career.

We are proud to announce that our senior class contains 3 Posse Scholars this year!

Students who survived the rigorous months-long application process are highlighted here:

Abigail Castillo – Wellesley

A member of the Chinquapin volleyball team since 6th grade, Abigail plans to study a science with a preference for biochemistry.  She looks forward to college and living life as an adult, and feels that Posse has given her confidence, stating

The Posse experience has taught me that having people around you that empower you is beneficial and important to your own personal growth. There is no need to feel threatened by the people around you. If anything, you should feel challenged to push yourself in a healthy way.

Estefania Torres – Bryn Mawr

Estefania says that Posse reminds her of Chinquapin because of the small, safe environment and close connections with others, and credits the school with helping her learn how to manage her time and priorities as well as help her feel comfortable expressing herself and her passions.

Through a two-year project, created to serve others, I managed to stitch together a project that embodies my passions, creativity, and sustainability. I use recycled materials to make gowns to empower young women from different backgrounds and body types. I hope to showcase my work in my local community, and possibly during the 2019 Museum of Contemporary Arts’ Fashion Festival and continue my work through college. This has inspired me to pursue Design and Sustainable Technologies, during my adventures at Bryn Mawr.

Josue Gonzalez – Colby

Josue is “beyond thrilled” about the opportunity to pursue a degree in economics and global studies. Currently, he balances his academic studies with being the captain of our District Champion soccer team. He hopes to help win the state title for the Burrs. Josue reflects,

The Posse experience has revealed to me that I am a lot more involved in my community than I thought I was.  I want my studies to line up with the issues I care about… I am most looking forward to studying abroad and taking on internships to better understand what exactly I want to do with my life.  


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