Quid Pro Quo Day 2020

We are grateful to our many hardworking volunteers who made Chinquapin’s first Quid Pro Quo Day a resounding success!

More than 50 Chinquapin students, faculty, alumni, and supporters from the greater community (including volunteers from Astros Foundation) accomplished a great deal:

  • Logging 210 hours of sweat equity
  • Sanding and staining decking around the senior statue
  • Power washing, edging, leaf blowing (dry), painting the fire lane
  • Deep cleaning multiple classrooms’ desks, floors, walls and organizing closets and power washing outside, sweeping & mopping
  • Emptying out an old storage shed
  • Deep cleaning, degreasing, tile cleaning the kitchen
  • Shampooing carpets, deep cleaning, bathroom showers, stalls & floor tiles in multiple dorms
  • General landscaping, including weeding and mulching, mowing, edging, cutting tree limbs & shaping shrubs
  • Deep cleaning and organizing, sweeping & mopping throughout the gym/weight room
  • Organizing, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping the office

Since our founding in 1969, Chinquapin has relied on our community to power our campus. Quid Pro Quo Day 2020 was a shining example of people working together to give back.

Please check back to find out how you can help in the future!


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