Representative Christina Morales (HD 145) visits Chinquapin’s 7th Grade ELA

On this Cesar Chavez Day, Representative Christina Morales (HD 145) visited Chinquapin’s 7th grade ELA class to talk about HB 1504, which proposes that Ethnic Studies courses count for high school graduation in Texas.

7th Graders have studied legislative processes and Texas government in their Texas History course, and they are currently studying movements in the Latino community to desegregate schools and obtain equal access to educational opportunities through a novel study of Sylvia and Aki; non-fiction text studies; opinion writing; and analytical writing. One recurring demand in these student movements was access to Ethnic Studies and full inclusion in the curriculum, so hearing from Representative Morales connected our learning to present-day issues. Students also learned how to look up and write to their representatives because we’re turning learners into leaders who can advocate for themselves and their communities at Chinquapin!


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