Tennis, Anyone?

Chinquapin students are thrilled to have a newly resurfaced tennis court.
Thanks to McNair Interests, Chinquapin students can safely play tennis again!

Resurfacing the school’s tennis court always seemed like a luxury we couldn’t afford.  Instead of playing our home matches here, we found a public court to host. The coach braced himself for the inevitable skinned knees from tripping on the uneven surface during practice. Other projects around campus – the dorms, the gym, the classrooms – took precedence while budgeting.  During one of its annual workdays, McNair Interests took notice of the court and directed part of their capital donation towards its restoration. Former director, current board member, and tennis aficionado Bill Heinzerling collected bids and oversaw the work, which was completed in late April. Students are now clamoring to play tennis; the court looks brand new, enticing students to give the sport a try. Many thanks to our friends at McNair Interests for making this a reality.


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