Why I let my daughter board at Chinquapin Prep

Chinquapin Prep is close to my heart. My eldest daughter, Lesley, graduated from Chinquapin last year and is now attending Houston Baptist University. I have another daughter, Ashley, who is currently a Chinquapin freshman. As the current president of the Chinquapin Association of Parents and Students, I try to give back to the school as much as it’s given me.

For the past six years, it’s been difficult as a mother to see my daughters wake up before sunrise to get ready for school each day. Thankfully, this year my younger daughter has been given the opportunity to board. The decision to board was a tough one for us; we are a close-knit family like many others and were not accustomed to the idea of our school-aged daughter being away from home. But Ashley asked our permission to board knowing that she would have more rest living on campus. She also wanted to benefit from having her teachers as neighbors in case she needed to reach out to them for help on homework.

Now, not only will Ashley be able to avoid some of the difficulties Lesley had, she’ll also gain more of a “college life” experience by living away from home. Although it will be difficult not seeing her everyday, I know she’ll be able to focus on her studies without worrying about long bus drives to and from school.

On behalf of our family and others, thank you to Chinquapin, the Chinquapin board of directors, the donors, and everyone who helped build the new girls dorms. You made this opportunity possible for our children — and for that we will be forever grateful.

Bertha Robledo

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